Work Package 7 (Results exploitation and Dissemination)

This work package has been created with the aim of receiving inputs from all the work packages of the project for studying how to exploit the developed technology. Moreover, WP7 is the work package responsible for the dissemination of the results of the project and for the interaction with the relevant standardisation bodies. Therefore, it is related to work packages WP2, WP3, WP4, WP5 and WP6.

SGSP is the leader for carrying out this WP.

The definition of the tasks specified for this WP are the following:

Task 7.1: Dissemination

-This task includes:

* The basic activities of publication of journal papers and trade articles where appropriate. Measurable and documented result of the research in scientific journals of national and international as well as conference statements.

* Specific initiatives (workshops or seminars) organised by the partners during full consortium meetings to give visibility to the project and the partners.

* Press announcements and invitation of press representatives in the occurrence of important events and achievements of the projects.

* Identification of all USAR groups in EU (or also other end-users) and providing them with the leaflets/ promotional material of ready device.

* Promoting the results with existing virtual communities.

- Therefore the task leader is SGSP.

Task 7.2: WEB page

-A dedicated web-page, with internal and external faces, is used for the promotion of the research results, information of the interested general public as well as communication among the members of the consortium. The website is maintained daily to report project activities, progress and achievements. It is globally linked to other relevant websites.

- Therefore the task leader is ORBITAL.

Task 7.3: Exploitation and market Surrey

-It is mostly marketing and business part of the work. The results of test and integrations is assessed with current market situation and most valuable potential customers. Also, new potential niches is examined. This task is done alongside with others in order to be aware of market pulse all the time. Also, a business model is designed for the development of the final commercial system. Additional studies is carried out to analyse other potential exploitations of the results of the works carried out within the MOBNET project.

- Therefore the task leader ORBITAL

The deliverable corresponding to this WP are the following:

D7.1: Web Page

D7.2: Dissemination plan

D7.3: Report on businessplan I

D7.4: Report ondissemination activities

D7.5: Report on business plan II