Work Package 6 (Test setup integration and validation)

This work package has been created with the aim of testing the MOBNET system produced in WP3, WP4, and WP5. Therefore, this work package builds a testbed so that the MOBNET system can be employed in a SAR operation and validate it against the end-users specifications produced in WP2 and project objective O4.

DELFT DYNAMICS is the leader for carring out this WP.

The definition of the tasks specified for this WP are the following:

Task 6.1: Test procedures and test setup for validation.

-This task deals with the definition of the tests where MOBNET is tested. This test plan addresses the general objective of the project and different sub-objectives described in WP2, WP3 and WP4. The main goal of this task 6.1 is the preparation of the field training, during which the prototype of the device is tested and validated in conditions close to real operating conditions. Based on the outcomes of WP2, especially user requirements and technical requirements, detailed test procedures will be determined. Great effort is put to ensure the objectiveness of the real-conditions tests, covering all previously determined crucial functional and technical operability aspects.

- Therefore the task leader is SGSP.

Task 6.2: MOBNET prototype: integration and cross-verification.

-First of all, the relevant subsystems is tested separately in flight, to check correct performance of each system. Then, the subsystems developed in WP2, WP3 and WP4, is integrated into one working prototype. This constitutes the prototype of MOBNET system which will be tested in a real environment, first on the ground and when the specifications are met, the system will be tested in flight. This prototype meet the requirements defined in WP2. The outcome is a working system in flight that will be further tested in a real life scenario in Task 6.3.

- Therefore the task leader is ORBITAL.

Task 6.3: Field testing and validation.

-This task perform the final measurements and validation of the prototype integrated in Task 6.2. During the field testing, the scenario described in detail in D.6.1. is implemented. The device is tested against previously identified requirements, both functional and technical. The data collected in field tests is analysed and an evaluation of results against the expected goals and achievements is carried out

- Therefore the task leader is SGSP

The deliverable corresponding to this WP are the following:

D6.1: Report on the definition of the test procedures and test set-up for the validation of MOBNET system.

D6.2: Prototype of MOBNET system.

D6.3: Report on the measurements and field testing of the MOBNET system.