Work Package 1 (Coordination and management)

This work package has been created with the aim of dealing with the coordination and management issues.

ORBITAL is the leader of this WP.

The definition of the tasks specified for this WP are the following:

Task 1.1: Project coordination, risk management and financial management.

-This task deals with project progress issues, financial control,   external relations and any enquiries from partners. The coordinator is the communication medium between the project partners and the European Commission. The project coordinator manages and prepares the European Commission contract, the budget and financial allocation to each partner.

Task 1.2: Management of innovation and knowledge.

-This task is responsible for the management of the legal issues, IPR issues and maintenance of the consortium agreement. Thus, an IPR manager supervises all dissemination activities, deciding on protection and access rights to innovation and knowledge based upon the Grant Agreement.

The deliverables corresponding to this WP are the following:

D1.1: Periodic Report

D1.2: Report on generated foreground I

D1.3: Report on generated foreground II

D1.4: Periodic report II

D1.5: Periodic report III