Warsaw Seminarium

23rd February Warsaw Seminar - Final Demostration

The MOBNET Technical Seminar with final users was carried out the last February 23rd in Warsaw, as the culmination of MOBNET project.

The results obtained allow us to affirm that the technical objectives of MOBNET have been met successfully.


Previously, during the day of the 22nd several test flights were conducted in a field where SGSP firefighters carry out their training and practices. During the next few days some videos of the tests will be published about the tests at our Youtube channel. These tests shown MOBNET to finals users (SGSP staff) and how MOBNET can detect mobiles in a real test field.


The seminar took place during 23rd Friday at the Main School of Fire Service of Warsaw. The project was exposed to more than 40 guests from different rescue, security and SAR teams. In these presentations have been exposed in which technologies Mobnet is based.

MOBNET is a project in which its payload is a BTS that detects mobile and geolocated with an accuracy never before seen thanks to the use of a high precision EGNSS module. The applications of this system are the location of people isolated in catastrophes, the location of people for security reasons, rescues in dangerous areas or difficult access.

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