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MOBNET Tests Meeting (December 2017)

At the end of december 2017, a Mobnet tests meeting took place in Delft, where the drone was successfully flown even though the snow and low temperatures.

After the initial tests of the system in the laboratory, the set-up of the ground station was carried out outside and several test flights were carried out. In the test field, two mobiles were placed so that the system could detect its position autonomously.

We have obtained sucessful results, since one of the mobiles was located through the positioning system of the BTS and the other was detected through the use of the mobile application.

After these tests, it has been verified that the requirements of precision and functionality established at the beginning of the project have been met.
New test campaigns are going to be carried out in the coming months to obtain a greater amount of data that allows the algorithms to be well adjusted and achieve better results.

After these tests we can ensure that the location of people using the technology of MOBNET is fully viable and that it meets the established requirements.