The main objective of MOBNET is to locate isolated victims during natural disasters and situations of emergency such as earthquakes, hurricanes or large snowstorms. MOBNET will also help first responder services to find lost people in general. To that end, the use of EGNSS (both Galileo early services and EGNOS) and DCT (Digital Cellular Technologies) plays a key role in situations where it is difficult, dangerous or even impossible to access the affected areas. MOBNET will be designed and built as a reduced SWaP, on-board payload for a UAV.

High location accuracy, in the order of meters

compared to other location solutions, Mobnet has an increased location accuracy.

Reduced SWaP (Size, Weight and Power) solution

It can be easily integrated into existing UAVs or mini-UAVs.

Easily and quickly deployable solution

Designed to have a very low entry-into-service time requirement.


Ready to use state-of-the-art navigation services.

Speed up the process of locating survivors

It makes easier for the SAR (Search and Rescue) teams to find survivors.

UAVs supporting SAR operations

Rescuers’ life risk reduced.